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More than 35 years of experience

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Founded in 1982 KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG specializes in the development and production of high quality waterproofing products and systems. Today, KÖSTER forms a group of more than 20 companies with worldwide activities in more than 50 countries. Its headquarters are located in Aurich, Germany.


Waterproofing from basement to roof

The KÖSTER building: Waterproofing from basement to roof

As waterproofing specialists, our products protect and preserve buildings and structures world-wide. Whether the project at hand is the restoration of a heritage building, waterproofing of a new construction, or the repair of a failed waterproofing, you can be assured: KÖSTER´s comprehensive and broad product program offers the optimal solution.

In order to always be one step ahead, we continually develop new products. Our current product range comprises of bituminous basement waterproofing for the positive side, crystallizing sealing slurries for the negative side, waterproofing for tanks and tunnels, restoration plasters, horizontal barriers (damp barriers), anti-mold systems, crack injection and crack repair systems, concrete repair and protection products, concrete and mortar additives, cementitious underlayments, floor coatings, moisture control systems, joint sealants, bathroom waterproofing, facade impregnation, as well as TPO and ECB roofing membranes.

The Olympic hall in Beijing, the Empire State Building in New York, the airport in Munich, the Royal Palace in Copenhagen, the Nuclear Power Plant in Sofia, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Panamá Canal and many other well-known objects around the world have all been waterproofed using our systems and materials.


Never compromise on quality

Quality Management Certificate


Waterproofing is an area where good quality materials and application can not only make the difference, they can save you time and money. It is our policy to offer materials of highest quality, durability and general performance. We never compromise on quality and believe in developing strong and lasting relationships with our customers. We apply this commitment to all levels of our service, from research & development, through production to our sales department.This is proven by our DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified QM-System.


Environmental protection

Membership certificate: Institure for Environment and Construction


KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is committed to preserving and protecting the environment. We use state-of-the-art raw materials and production technologies in conjunction with a strong and continuous research and development. Today, this means that most of our materials are solvent-free and formulated to minimize the environmental impact, as well as protect the health of those who work with our materials. As a member of the German Association of the Chemical Industry (Verband der Chemischen Industrie) we are a part of the world-wide initiative, Responsible Care, which promotes responsible and sustainable practices in the areas of health and environmental protection. Additionally, KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is a member of IBU, a German institute dedicated to sustainable building. As a member, the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is required to provide full transparency regarding the environmental impact of its products.


Your reliable partner in construction

KÖSTER consultants on the construction site

Which measure offers the best solution? The causes and factors are numerous: the construction material, physical conditions, ground water levels, climate and many others. KÖSTER has earned its reputation as a reliable partner in the building industry based on its many years of experience in offering high quality and long lasting waterproofing solutions.

Solving waterproofing problems successfully requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, we provide expert advice to our customers on how to solve their specific problems with the highest level of security and in regard to cost and time. Additionally, we conduct regular trainings and seminars for architects and applicators to ensure the successful application of our products.



KÖSTER production

Materials are produced in Aurich, Germany and under license or own management in five other countries. KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is an independent enterprise with its own development and unique know-how.

We place tremendous value on producing our products ourselves in order to ensure the highest level of quality control from development to application. We strongly believe in providing our customers with an excellent and safe experience with our products. 




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