Soil stabilization

1 Pump
KÖSTER Acrylic Gel Pump
2 Injection lances

3 Injection and stabilization layer
KÖSTER Injection Gel G4

By changes in the ground water level or the presence of water currents within the soil structure, the fine substance from the underground can be washed out, creating voids in the soil. These voids can reduce the integrity of the soil structure until it collapses. Evidence of this phenomena is usually seen through the settlement of the structures, or in worst cases, through the formation of cavities or hollow chambers in the ground.

To reduce the loss of the fines from the underground, a soil stabilization must be performed. This stabilization is carried out with the injection of KÖSTER Injection Gel G4 through special injection lances. The low viscosity of the gel allows a deep penetration and distribution of the material between the grain’s matrix, binding the soil and water into an elastic gel-soil body. The result is a more stable, waterproofed soil composition without the risk of washing out of fines.

Soil stabilization with acrylic gels can be performed for example underneath house or building footings to prevent settlement from loss of fine from the ground and allow further construction, through walls to stabilize material behind and conduct structural repairs or drainage replacements, or inside dikes to enhanced the filled material and reduce water filtrations, among others. All applications required specific planning and must be considered individually for the most suitable procedure.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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