Roof waterproofing on green roofs

1 Substructure

2 Vapor Barrier
KÖSTER Vapor Barrier acc. to DIN 18234
3 Insulation

4 KÖSTER TPO Membrane
5 Protection Layer

6 Drainage Sheet
KÖSTER SD Protection and Drainage Sheet 3-250
7 Protection Layer

8 Ground / Greenery / Landscaping

The benefits of a green roof are diversified and can go from the simple, but effective protection of the membrane itself, to the insulation advantages to the building and structure. Green roofs can represent real opportunities for significant social, economic, and environmental benefits, particularly in cities.  The real benefits can go from the simple efficiency of retaining a part of the rain water, to the moderation of urban heat effect, the improvement of air quality, to act as a fire retarding agent, noise reduction by absorbing decibels, and many others. These are only a few examples of the reasons to choose Green Roofs.



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